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We want our customers to taste the wondrous and delightful flavors that traditional Congo food has to offer without leaving Pickering. We have unique meat dishes, freshly caught fish dishes, vegetarian options, and peanut-free options for those with serious allergies. Even if you can’t make it to our location on Rosefield Road in Pickering, we want to make our cuisine is easily accessible for all. We offer takeout and can deliver upon request (subject to availability) to surrounding areas.

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Brochettes (3) 15

Grilled beef skewers

Mabumu plus 15

Mix of beef tripes, kidneys, lungs, heart

Ngombe 15

Beef stew in tomato sauce, and sweet pepper veggies

Ntaba 15

Grilled goat topped with sweet pepper sauce

Cuisse de poulet 6

Fried or Grilled Chicken Leg

Mosaka 12

Vegetables cooked with palm nuts (allergy notice)

Madesu 12

Red kidney beans

Epinards 12


Pondu 12

Cassava leaves from the yam

Fumbwa 12

Vegetable cooked with peanut butter (allergy notice)

Soso na Makemba 10

Chicken and plantains

Soso na beignets 10

Chicken and beignets (10)

Kwanga Makayabu 20

Kwanga and salt fish in tomato sauce

Kwanga Ntaba 20

Kwanga and grilled goat topped with sweet peppers sauce

Fumbwa Kwanga na Soso 23

Kwanga with fumbwa and chicken

Fufu et epinard 15

Fufu made with cassava flour, and a bowl of spinach

Fufu na fumbwa 15

Fufu made with cassava flour, and a bowl of Fumbwa

Kwanga na Fumbwa 15

Kwanga with a bowl of Fumbwa

Loso na Madesu 15

Rice and beans

Loso na pondu 15

Rice and pondu

4 Kwanga, 2 Tilapia, 2 Spinach 70

Whole chicken, fumbwa, pondu, kwanga (4), large plantains, large beignets, 4 pops 85

2 Goat, fumbwa, pondu, kwanga (4), large plantains, 4 pops 85

Grilled beef skewers

Whole chicken, large rice, large plantains, beignets, 4 pops 50

Whole chicken, large rice, beignets, 4 pops 45

Mbisi ya mayi 15

Basa fish in tomato sauce

Tilapia 15

 Tilapia fish, grilled with ginger and lemon, topped with onions

Makayabu 15

Saltfish, topped with tomato sauce

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